How To Make Change Happen in Your Life

I’d like to dedicate my first blog post to the importance of knowing how to make change happen in your life.

I believe this is important because if you know how your make change happen in your personal life, then you will be able to take those same methods and apply them to your business, too.

We are still relatively new to the 2011, so this will be important to those still working on the new year resolutions, or to those who still haven’t started yet.

The amazing thing about the following suggestions is that they will much less effort from your side, and the changes will be more permanent, while at the same time being more natural to achieve.

Let’s say that you want to go from making $100K/yr to $300K/yr; or wanting to lose 15lbs, or wanting to create better relationships with your partner, kids, colleagues, or clients; or perhaps you, like me, want to travel the world and your plan is to live in Brazil for 2 months this year.

How do you do that?

Here are my recommendation, without getting into the technicalities of how this works. (I will do that at a later post). For now, however, let’s focus on the big picture, and let’s lay the foundation.

How does change happen?

The most important changes in your life happened without your active participation in it. How did you learn to speak English? How did you learn how to behave? Your culture? Walk?

One of the common misconceptions about change is that it happens from an inside push. Meaning, you must consciously choose and believe in yourself, and then do it.

Yes, that is true.

But only half of the equation…

Yes, the power of belief is indisputable and absolutely essential.

…and you have already learned about that, so let’s focus on the second part of the equation…

Ever heard of the placebo effect?…

The placebo effects doesn’t only speak of the power that lies within us, but also of the essential importance of the outside stimuli on us (the environment)

I remember reading about a cancer patient who only had a few months to live. As part of an experiment, his doctor told him about a new miracle drug that had had a 100% success ratio curing cancer.

Miraculously, after six months of treatment the patient’s cancer completely disappeared. But most amazed was the doctor who couldn’t believe how this mix of water and sugar, when combined with Belief from the patient, could eliminate one of the deadliest diseases of all.

Then tragedy strikes…

Months after being entirely freed from cancer this patient comes across a newspaper article that described the experiment and the placebo effect.

Disappointed and deceived he realized what had happened… he grieved… heartbroken… within weeks that very cancer which he had killed came back to kill him… he died within 90 days

I am not entirely sure to the accuracy of this story, but I do believe that belief effects our outcomes tremendously.


…with that said…

let’s not forget that we are also a product of things outside of us. If we were a computer, then we are a product of all the ‘engineers’ who have worked on us, and the software installed within us.

STORY: In MN where I went to college and where the winter temperatures would often drop below -30 many cars wouldn’t start. So we would have to call in a tow truck to jumpstart the car. Basically, they connect batteries together and juice ’em up. There was nothing wrong with my car. It had everything in it. Everything worked fine. But it did need that spark to get it started.

I have observed that we are often the same way. People have their “winter” seasons, too.

Our core and essential values, characteristics and behaviors were installed in us when we were still kids, (language, culture, etc), without us even actively participating in this process, which again speaks about the power of the external stimuli.

Telling someone to just act differently, believe differently, or be different is like screaming at your computer about the same things, instead of changing the input or software. And those changes are done from outside (keyboard, mouse etc)

Yes, of course, we also have the amazing capability to create and imagine. So in a way changing our own input from within, which makes us different from machines, and different from almost any other animal.

It takes an outside stimuli to produce results. It could be a book, a person, a conversation, an event, someone pissing you off, someone inspiring you, someone taking your rights away, love for your kids, embarrassment from society… whatever.

No rock ever achieved any recognition until it was sculpted into a masterpiece by an artist’s chisel.

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